Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Pre-Purchase Car Inspections In Fort Worth

Temporarily fixing a vehicle is easy. You can save yourself from purchasing an overpriced, imperfect car by getting advice and help before making the purchase!

A used car might look like your dream ride but there's no way to know whether it'll be reliable or not without taking some time for inspection from one of our mobile mechanics at Fort Worth.

Our mobile mechanics can provide a pre-purchase car inspection with all the associated components checked for roadworthiness, safety and efficiency. No one wants to buy a car that is going to cost them more down the line; with our team of experienced technicians we can make sure you aren't throwing money away. Our inspection will include items such as:

Odometer Verification  — We double check the mileage on your vehicle using any documentation available (including ownership history) to ensure it matches up with what's stated on your Certificate of Title or Registration.

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Engine Number Verification  — We also go through great lengths to find matching information between the VINs (vehicle identification numbers),assis Numbers and Engine Numbers in order to verify the history of your vehicle (for example, stolen parts).

Airbag Deployment Check  — When an airbag is deployed it must be replaced. Airbags are built to rigid safety regulations requiring them to pass rigorous testing; you needn't worry about anything less than that on our cars. Our technicians will check for this and all other safety requirements before finishing up with a thorough inspection of any visible components for signs of wear, tear or misuse before deciding upon whether to proceed with finalizing your purchase.

Body Damage  — What happens if there's significant damage but the previous owner didn't bother mentioning this? We'll go through all necessary safety features to ensure they are in full working order so you won't have to worry about anything failing you when it matters most.

Car Lock and Security Checks  — Always a good idea to check the locks and lights of your car before driving away, we can provide comprehensive locksmith services for all makes and models - leaving you with no excuse to stay safe. We also ensure that your security system is running smoothly so you don't have to worry about anyone coming after your car!

All-in-all these checks should give us a clear indication as to what condition this vehicle is in so we can determine whether or not there's any potential risk involved with buying it; knowing full well that if there's nothing too serious (which has been determined beforehand), then this really shouldn't pose much of an issue at all.

Why not contact us for a free quote today to see how we can help you out!

Mobile mechanic in Fort Worth, TX valley is the answer to all your car problems . With years of experience under their belt and a team of techniciansIf you are in the market for purchasing a used vehicle, it is not enough to think it just looks and sounds good, there are many underlying problems like problems in transmission that could be ready to show themselves once you have purchased the vehicle of your dreams, and then there is the simple fact, the asking price may be too much for what the vehicle is actually worth.

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