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Many of the newer models of cars have built-in sensors that can warn of problems which can be affecting your car’s ignition system and fuel or emissions systems. In some cases, the light may be flashing or permanently on. Either way, if your in las vegas, you should as soon as possible, schedule with our mobile mechanics to have your car in for a full car diagnostics check.

In many cases, it is difficult for a mechanic to actually pinpoint the problem, and why the engine light is on, but it is showing it may be time for a tune-up or service, or you do actually have a problem area.

And one of the most fundamentally important parts of a vehicle are the brakes – so you might want to pay attention to them when they need maintenance.

You want to stay safe while driving, and that is why proper maintenance of your car or truck is so important.

At our mobile mechanics of Fort Worth , if you are in need of a car diagnostics check or pre-purchase car inspection call us anytime! We can have one of our mobile mechanics come out to you when the time is right for you!


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For conveniently scheduled service with certified technicians, contact Mobile Mechanics of Fort Worth . Stop breaking down on the side of the road waiting for an expensive tow truck - give us a call today! Your comfort and safety are worth it.

There are several other components that could be causing the malfunctioning of the vehicle, some of these include: PCV valve, ignition switch, automatic transmission switch. So if you experience any problems like this it would be wise to schedule an appointment with our mobile mechanics who can come out and help diagnose what might be wrong with your car.

Our Vehicle Diagnostics Service has been perfected for years and we will gladly give you a free estimate on what we find in your Car Mechanic in regards to your cars needs.

Mobile Mechanics of Fort Worth has proudly served the DFW area for over 30 years providing complete auto diagnostic services and expert car care.

Flashing Check Engine Light VS Steady

A steady check engine light means that the vehicle is on its way to being completely dead. If there are no power going to some of your systems this causes sensors not to have any power, thus causing them to fail, thus causing the lights to stay on.

A full diagnostics test what will include: Check engine light, ABS light, battery check, transmission fluid level test.

When qualified, technicians conduct visual inspections of related components for obvious problems. System analysis from computer printouts or display screen can also be performed to determine if there are any issues with operation; this includes but is not limited too Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) which provide possible solutions in case similar symptoms occur again on another system within the vehicle—though these may require further diagnosis at each stage depending upon their severity. pinpoint testing eliminates potential trouble spots before moving forward so less time will needlessly spend troubleshooting when an issue turns up later down the line!

Our mobile mechanics can provide a detailed report once all the car diagnostic tests have been completed, this includes showing you where your car is going wrong and what needs to be done. We've been keeping cars safe throughout Fort Worth, TX valley for years now with our expert team of technicians here waiting on yours today!

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