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A failure in cooling systems is one of the biggest causes of vehicle breakdowns, so it is highly recommended to have periodic radiator flushes and checks so you can eliminate any of these problems before they happen.

Whilst driving, there is a massive amount of heat which is generated and cooled by the radiator system to the optimum running temperature, this is closely monitored by thermostats and pumps which all work together to control the flow of the coolant, problems arise when one or more of these components fail which can cause a major meltdown of the whole cooling system.If your radiator is losing coolant or your temperature is constantly high you should have a radiator check as soon as possible as one problem in a cooling system can quickly lead to another.

If you are visiting our website, it is likely you know of the importance of coolant and the necessity to maintain it Radiator at all times. If this is not the case, it is advised to check your owner's manual for further information. Car Diagnostics service provided by Fort Worth Mobile Mechanics.

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It doesn't matter what type of coolant you use or how often you maintain your car or truck radiator system, problems can still occur which require immediate servicing by a professional mechanic. The most common types of coolant are conventional green antifreeze and all-season red/orange engine block antifreeze. Coolants come in different colors depending on its chemical makeup and each has certain advantages that best suit specific applications hence mixing them with another type is never recommended. With that said, there are some multi-purpose coolant mixtures that offer a blend of both green and red/orange variants depending on the climate conditions but these are also designed specifically for either gasoline or diesel engines which are meant to be used in different temperatures.

The causes of this are Radiator Of Overheating

1- Broken or Loose Fan Belt

2- Clogged Radiator

How to fix the problem:

1- If the fan belt is cracked or loose, you can get away by just tightening it. However, if the fan belt is broken, try replacing it. If that does not work, then grab a new one and replace that too.

2- Check for any hoses that are broken or have any holes in them. If you see any, just take it off and replace it.

3- Make sure the engine is turned off before trying to remove the water pump. You can do this by draining all of the coolant out to prevent any serious damage from happening.

4- When removing the bolts that hold the water pump in place, try to take them out in a diagonal pattern instead of all going along the same line. This will help you get it off faster.

5- When putting the new one on, tighten the bolts to where they can still spin freely but not all of them have to be tight so just get them as tight as you can.

6- Once the new water pump is in place, make sure to put coolant back in it and then turn on your car. Look for any leaks or anything out of the ordinary. The last thing you want to do is have to take it off again so just double check before turning on your car.

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How to fix busted radiator:

How to fix busted radiator:

1- To remove your old busted radiator, empty any fluid that is left in it before removing the hoses and then drain the rest of it after you remove both of them.

2- Take all of the bolts out that hold the radiator in place and take it off.

3- Put on new hose clamps, tighten them up to where they do not look like they will ever come loose, and put on new hoses. Tighten the new clamps as well.

4- After you have it together, fill the radiator with coolant and start your car up. Make sure to check for any leaks or strange noises.

5- If there are no strange noises and the car is not leaking, turn off your car and let it sit for a little bit before taking it for a test drive to make sure everything is running smoothly.

6- If you have the money, try replacing the water pump and thermostat as well since it will save you from having to do this all over again in a few months.

Radiator Flush

Over time a radiator can accumulate a buildup of particles and debris, none of which is healthy for any of the components above, this debris can start to cause blockages and restricting coolant flow in the process, this can cause hot spots or even air blockages in the system, all of which stop the cooling system maintaining a normal operating temperature for the engine.

When you have a radiator, flush performed on your car, these will keep the cooling system working properly and will protect all the other components within the engine

from further damage.

We have been offering Radiator Flushes for years and we use a special flush machine that has its own reservoir that flushes into the radiator and then back into our reservoir and it contains detergents to keep your engine clean and help prevent any future problems with the cooling system.

When we're performing this important service, we also like to flush your heater core and your transmission fluid, while we have the system needing this service open.

We also make sure that you get a quality radiator cap because we've found out through numerous repairs and lots of research that most radiator caps do not meet the manufacturer's specifications due to poor performance and reliability.

If you suffer from a radiator cap that causes your car's cooling system to fail, you might be forced into a major repair that could run into the thousands of dollars.

The good news is that with proper maintenance and repairs through Mobile Mechanics of Fort Worth, you will prevent these expensive problems from happening in the future.

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Preventative Maintenance Tips:

1- Make sure to check your car's belt every now and then. If it is cracked, frayed, or about to break then just get it replaced as soon as possible.

2- If you are experiencing any overheating issues, try getting your radiator checked. If it is dirty or has any broken pieces in it, just have it replaced as soon as possible.

3- Make sure the cooling fans are working properly by checking to see if they come on when your car starts overheating.

4- Make sure your thermostat is working properly by using a thermometer to see how hot the engine gets. If it exceeds 200 degrees, you need to have it check out as soon as possible.

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