Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo, located in Fort Worth, is a remarkable destination for those looking to explore and experience the wildlife of North America. With over 500 different animal species living in the zoo's 95-acre expanse, visitors will have plenty to keep them entertained and educated during their visit.

The zoo has been open since 1909 and has become one of the most famous tourist attractions in Fort Worth and one of the top zoos in the United States.

Exotic Animals

The Fort Worth Zoo houses many exotic animals from around the world, such as:

  • African Elephants
  • Asian Small-Clawed Otters
  • Chinese Alligators
  • Red Pandas
  • American bison
  • Giraffes

You can observe these fascinating animals in their natural habitats. The zoo also has several interactive exhibits, including an African Safari exploring the savanna and a South American Adventure where visitors can learn about the rainforest and its inhabitants.

Educational Opportunities

The Fort Worth Zoo is dedicated to educating its guests about wildlife conservation and animal husbandry. Throughout the year, the zoo offers educational programs for children and adults focusing on conservation, animal behavior, ecology, and more. Additionally, the zoo hosts fun events like Animal Fun Day, where you can get up close and personal with a few of the animals living at the zoo.

Special Events

The Fort Worth Zoo is home to numerous special events throughout the year, including summertime concerts and holiday celebrations. During the holidays, the zoo lights up with festive displays and decorations, creating a magical atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

The zoo also offers unique seasonal activities, like Easter egg hunts, Halloween trick-or-treating, and holiday lights tours. Some exciting programs, such as animal shows and behind-the-scenes experiences with veterinarians and keepers, are also available.


The Fort Worth Zoo has many amenities to make sure you have the best experience possible. It has several restaurants, snack bars, and picnic areas for those who want to bring their own lunch. Plenty of restrooms are throughout the grounds, and even a first-aid station if needed.

For parking, the zoo has a large lot with valets on busy days. Wheelchairs and strollers can also be rented on site so that everyone can enjoy the day at the zoo regardless of ability. If you're into shopping, buy from the souvenir shops in various parts of the zoo, where you can find unique animal-themed items and other collectibles.

Overall, the Fort Worth Zoo is an amazing destination for anyone looking to explore and learn more about wildlife from around the world. With its vast array of animals, interactive exhibits, educational opportunities, special events, and amenities, there is something for everyone at this incredible zoo.