Panther Island Pavilion

Panther Island Pavilion (also known as Panther Island) is an urban waterfront entertainment district in the Fort Worth area. It has four distinct areas: Trinity Uptown, Panther Island Pavilion, Coyote Drive-In, and Panther Island Brewing.

The concept started in the early 2000s when local citizens collaborated with city officials to improve the downtown around the Trinity River. After several years of planning and executing community projects, Panther Island was officially announced in 2007. The goal was to create a vibrant destination and economic engine for the city while preserving the natural beauty of its Trinity River banks.


The centerpiece of Panther Island Pavilion is a large, open-air amphitheater that can host up to 8,000 people for concerts, festivals, and other events. It also features two stages with live entertainment throughout the year, including music performances and comedy shows. Additionally, the venue has plenty of space for food trucks and other vendors to set up shop during special events.

Some of the most popular shows held here include the Fort Worth Music Festival, the Fourth of July Celebration, and the Brazos River Showdown. It has also become a popular venue for weddings and private parties.

Coyote Drive-In

Adjacent to Panther Island Pavilion is Coyote Drive-In, an outdoor movie theater that opened in 2011. Guests can enjoy classic films, new releases, and special events like food truck nights or live DJs while relaxing in cars or on lawn chairs with plenty of fresh air.

One of the unique features of this drive-in is its two screens, allowing patrons to watch different films at the same time.

Panther Island Brewing

The final attraction in Panther Island Pavilion is Panther Island Brewing. Opened in 2013, it has quickly become a popular spot for craft beer lovers. The brewery offers a variety of seasonal and year-round brews and special beers created exclusively for Panther Island Pavilion guests.

In addition to its drinks list, the brewery hosts live music events and food truck nights throughout the year.

Panther Island Brewing

The most recent addition to Panther Island Pavilion is Panther Island Brewing. It’s a craft brewery featuring handcrafted ales, lagers, and tasty pub grub for guests to enjoy as they view the beautiful Fort Worth skyline.

Trinity Uptown

As part of the project, Trinity Uptown has been transformed into a lively neighborhood with trendy restaurants, bars, and shops. It’s also home to the world-famous American Airlines Center, which hosts concerts, sporting events, and more.

Some food you can find at this destination includes tacos, pizza, barbecue, and ice cream. And for after-dinner drinks, there are various craft breweries to explore.

Overall, Panther Island Pavilion is an urban oasis in the heart of Fort Worth that has something for everyone. From music festivals to outdoor movies and craft beer, it’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy all Fort Worth offers.